Weekly Roundtable

The Team at 128 CRE has been hosting Weekly Zoom Roundtable Discussions for those interested in learning more about the impacts that COVID-19 is having on business and the Commercial Real Estate Market. For more information on any of these past roundtables, please contact Meghan Huebner at MeghanH@128CRE.com.

Weekly Roundtable 04-08-20

  • The Current & Future State Of The Commercial Market

Weekly Roundtable 04-15-20

  • The Impacts that COVID-19 is Having Thus Far on the Commercial Real Estate Market

Weekly Roundtable 04-22-20

  • Managing the Remote Workforce, Transition Plans for Reopening and Related Topics

Weekly Roundtable 04-29-20

  • The Current and Future State of the Commercial Real Estate Sales Market

Weekly Roundtable 05-06-20

  • Re-entry, Best Practices and Promoting a Safe & Healthy Work Environment

Weekly Roundtable 05-13-20

  • Current Trends, Best Practices and How Technology Is Being Utilized